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The Hotbox Show
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South Africa’s premier live stream Dagga Culture Show!

Every Thursday evening from 7 pm, join us for a round up of the week’s local and international cannabis news, views and trends. Not only is our couch graced with some groovy weekly guests but we also get to Hangout with weed celebrities from all over the world. Send us your products and we’ll review them. Bud, dab, edibles and gear – we’ll showcase your goods and give you a shout out!

Tune in every Thursday from 7 pm SAST, live and unpredictable from the HotBox Studio for local and international news, product reviews, weekly guests, and a whole lot of South African #dagga #weed culture.

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Half of the Dagga Couple
Usually described as one half of the Dagga Couple. Also one of the nicest humans we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. If you don’t know who the Dagga Couple are, which rock have you been hiding under?

Our Media Machine
He was once super blessed to be part of an SABC Newsroom interview with a lady from Concerned Young People of SA which went viral. He had facts, she had nothing. We all laughed and laughed.

aka The Handbrake Chick
General assistant at FGA and a proud canna-mom. Also, inventor of ‘Bring a Bong to Work’ day. It’ll catch on. We think.

The Grow Man
Dan the Grow Man is back from the UK and ready to share his growing knowledge. Dan will teach us all how to become a GrowPro! Don’t miss out on our weekly lessons.