CVault Curing and Storage Container

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CVault Curing and Storage Container

I've been using the Consol 1 Liter Preserve Jar for all my curing needs. It has worked well, but even so, it felt lacking. For starters, it's glass, so light certainly can get in. (Light is bad for curing buds). It's also not great having the hygrometer and Boveda sachet lying around with the buds. So I did some digging and discovered the C Vault.

The C Vault sounds like the perfect curing container out there. I've ordered various sizes from, but before I dig into my own experience, I'll first discuss exactly what the C Vault is and why you need one. 

1. What is the best way to store bud?

Whether you are storing your buds for the purpose of curing or if you just want to keep your own personal stash as fresh as possible, you will need a good container. If you are using plastic bags or even plastic containers, you are probably not doing yourself any favors.

Here are the basic guidelines on choosing a good container for your buds:

  • The container should be airtight:
    The whole purpose of curing is to slowly dry the buds out. Keeping it away from the air is vital to that process. 
  • Avoid Plastic:
    You want to use glass or stainless steel. Plastic can alter the flavor of your weed, which you certainly don't want. 
  • The container should be light resistant:
    When the container is closed, no light should be able to get into the container. Even if you store it in a cupboard, it's best knowing the entire container is covered in a coating that stops light from getting into the container.

2. Why C Vault?

I was sold after reading the C Vault product description:

CVault Storage Containers are the ultimate humidity controlled storage system.  Combining the air-tight CVault with the Humidipak creates the perfect holding environment for your products.  The CVault maintains the ideal relative humidity, without losing or gaining any moisture, protecting and prolonging it’s usable lifespan and ensuring that your products remain as fresh and flavourful as the day you stored them away.

The CVault Storage Containers  are constructed of a premium food grade stainless steel. Using patented 2-way humidity control technology, the Boveda humidity pack eliminates naturally occurring humidity spikes and regulates the conditions inside the container, preventing your herbs from losing any potency from the evaporation of oils or other active ingredients

But I went a step further and also read the case study. It became pretty obvious that this container is the real deal and quite possibly the best way to store your buds and to cure your buds!

The C Vault is stainless steel, so no light is going to get in there. It is also completely airtight and considered "food-grade". And it has a nice spot where you can put your Boveda humidity sachet. Sounds like it really is the perfect container.

The only potential downside is that I don't really see a great spot for a hygrometer. It would've been great if they came with built-in hygrometers! Once mine arrives, I'll see how easy it is to fit a hygrometer in there without disturbing the buds before making my final call on just how good this product is. 

Still not sure about it? Check out this cool video about it:

3. Is it as good as they say it is?


It certainly is pricey, but I can say for sure it's worth every cent. It is an extremely high-quality product and for the first time, I am actually seeing the humidity drop on my hygrometers. I'm starting to think the Consol jars are not airtight at all!

I bought various sizes, but it seems the 2 liter and 4-liter sizes are the nicest for curing. You can go for the 8 liters if you want, but 8 liters is quite big. So unless you are planting a lot of the same strain, you would most likely prefer the 2 liters. It's not ideal to mix strains in the same containers.

The 2 Liters can hold about 110 grams, and the 4 liters about 220 grams. 

I'm a total convert. This is the only way I will be storing and curing from now on. I already ordered a few more.