Ultimate Jar Showdown: CVault VS Mypharmjar VS Consol

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Submitted by SAStoners.com on Wed, 04/24/2019 - 13:38
Ultimate Jar Showdown

I have been a bit of a jar-nut of late, trying to find the best way to cure my buds! In an effort to find the best jar, I have actually ended up using 3 different types which I am going to discuss in this post. Most of these jars are a bit pricey, but the price is very much justified.

0. Consol Jar

The Consol jars are very affordable. You are looking at spending about R50 per 1-liter jar and they can certainly do the job. However, I have found that unless you screw these really tight, they aren't as airtight as the other containers. Then to open them after screwing them so tightly can be difficult!

The Consol jars are see-through, which means light can come in. Not the end of the world if you can keep your jars in a cupboard, but certainly not ideal if you are going to be keeping the jars somewhere where light may shine on it. Try to avoid this in general, because light will degrade your stash.

If you are looking for the most affordable jar that can still get the curing done, this is the jar for you. 

1. CVault

I recently did a thorough review of this awesome container and I can certainly say it has significant advantages over the Consol Jar.

The CVault is stainless steel, which not only means that it is more durable than it's glass competitor, but it also keeps out the sunlight!

The CVault is also significantly more airtight. I immediately noticed a decrease in the humidity on my hygrometer, which I didn't see often with the Consol jars. 

2. Mypharmjar Tall Jar with Sensor

The built-in hygrometer and thermometer is a huge plus and the Mypharmjar is also light-proof. But it does not have a spot for humidity packs. You can easily throw the humidity packs in with your buds, but I quite like that the CVault has a spot specifically for this.

The other downside is also the shape. The CVault is more open and easier to get to your buds. The tall shape of the MyPharmJar makes it difficult to reach all the way to the bottom. But with the built-in hygrometer, you have the benefit of not having to add a hygrometer yourself!

So which one is the best? This table should make it easy to decide:

  Consol Jar CVault MyPharmJar
Price for 1 Liter R 59 R 700 R 700
Airtight 3/5 5/5 5/5
Light Resistant 0% 100% 100%
Shape Long and Tall / Semi-cramped Long adn Tall / Cramped Wide and Spacious
Material Glass Stainless Steel 100% Biophotonic Miron Glass
Durability 1/5 5/5 3/5
Built-in Hygrometer No No Yes
Built-in Thermometer No No Yes
Humidity Pack Slot No Yes No

Are you using something else that's even better? Leave a comment and let me know!