Mars Hydro Tents VS Futureponics Tents vs Mammoth Tents

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Mars Hydro Tents VS Futureponics Tents vs Mammoth Tents

There are many different tents on the market and it's not easy knowing which to choose. In fact, a tent is a tent, right? So surely they will all work equally well? Not quite. I've tried 3 different types of tents and some certainly outperform others. Let's compare the three tents. 

1. Futureponics Series 1 Grow Tent

Futureponics tents can get the job done, sure, but unless the price is a big factor, I would rather go for a Mammoth tent or a Mars Hydro tent. The overall quality of the Mammoth and Mars Hydro tents outperform the Futureponics tents.

My main annoyance with this tent is that it doesn't seal as nicely as the other tents. It always feels like light is escaping somewhere. Other than that, it doesn't have any major flaws, but it doesn't offer some of the extras that the other tents offer.

2. Mammoth Pro 120 Grow Tent

I was a little annoyed when the tent arrived because the pole connectors were plastic. I expected everything to be metal like the Futureponics and Mars Hydro tents. I assembled the tent anyway and was pleasantly surprised that the plastic connectors don't impact the sturdiness of this tent. It is really solid!

The Mammoth tents are very high quality, extremely sturdy and very good at keeping light out. If you are unsure, you can't go wrong with this brand.

Check out the Mammoth tents available from here.

3. Mars Grow Tent

Another fantastic option for a quality grow tent. I would say this tent is in the same league as the Mammoth tents and one might even argue that these are better. For me, it's a solid tie. I could use either quite happily!

So what is the difference?

There are very subtle differences between the Mars tent and the Mammoth tents. The Mars tents come with a nice hangable pouch that fits inside the tent. This is extremely useful and I wish all tents came with this.

The Mars tents also have more branding on them. The actual Mars logo appears quite big. This will boil down to personal taste. I personally don't mind having a cool Mars Hydro logo on my tent.

Check out the Mars Hydro tents from here.

There are some good options on this page if you are looking to buy a tent. And I do think that is the most important thing. Invest in an actual tent from the store. Don't bother building a tent. You will waste a lot of time and money in trying to DIY a tent. The tents on the market are really affordable and they work! 

Happy growing!